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Why Team Build?

The current revival in team-building away days is hardly surprising. Email, voice mail, mobile messaging and teleconferencing have reduced the need for face-to-face meetings. Technology and geography create virtual teams that may never physically meet. As a result, organisations have to work harder to maintain good working relationships and team spirit among their employees. It follows, therefore, that a recent study has found that almost 80 per cent of UK organisations regularly spend money on team-building away days and weekends.


The amount of performance improvement thats possible from a switched

on team is not small – its enormous, the study revealed. Firms realise the importance of having committed teams pulling together and team building has become big business. The alcohol-fuelled jollies of a decade ago have been replaced by a plethora of programmes promising to facilitate team bonding as well as providing employers with a valuable insight into the way their workers’ minds work and how they approach challenges.


There is an enormous selection of activities on offer, all designed to create the right environment for team bonding. They include adventurous outdoor pursuits, treasure hunts and spy games. Given the wide range of options and the fact that managers are often time poor, many companies are turning to tailor-made away days focused on their particular requirements.


Getting people away from the office has great benefits. It breaks the link with everyday concerns and the office hierarchy, so that staff at different levels and in separate departments can get to know each other and engage in healthy competition.

Why Us?

Using hand picked staff spanning a huge range of experiences and with nearly a quarter of a century of combined expertise we pride ourselves on the quality of the time you have with us, the stories you will tell and the lessons you have learnt.


Whatever your budget we will work with you to build the day or half day that you want. Whether its a product launch, a celebration, challenges for new recruits or just a refresher for a fractious team we can cater for you.


We have excellent relationships with hotels and accommodation in the area and if you are looking to stay locally or enjoy a meal why not let us arrange it for you as part of your package?

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