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Case Studies

Due to the bespoke manner in the way we put together your ideal day we have included below a few examples of previous clients' days. These can be used as templates or proposals.                                

This group came to us asking for a fun afternoon following a product launch and an evening meal for 120 people. In the end their budget allowed them to stay overnight in the hotel following their meal.


1:00 - A Speech from the CEO thanking everyone for their support throughout the development of the product and encoragement for the road ahead.

1:30 - Our instructors meet the group at the hotel and bring them across.

2:00 - The compere gives an outline of the activities for the afternoon and explains the rules and reads out the teams selected by the party organiser.

Throughout the afternoon the teams compete in head to head relays to complete the variety of challenges taken from the BBC's Its A Knockout.

These included: Fe Fi Fo Fall where the people racing climb into 10ft giant costumes and try to complete the race whilst the other teams try to (literally) pull the rug from under their feet, and, Super Suds in which each team member dives into an oversize washing machine filled with foam to hunt for a matching pair of socks.

3:30 - Quick break with drinks and biscuits provided.

5:00 - Prize giving, the winning team are given a hamper and the runners up a bottle of bubbly. The group are then taken back across to the hotel to get changed and ready for dinner.

Day One

This group had just had a merger of two companies and wanted to run a social event to allow each companies sales teams a chance to meet and bond, throughout this they wanted the important considerations of communication and decision making as a team to be implimented. The group was 40 people.



9:00 - Arrival.

9:30 - The group is divided into their teams of 10, tea and coffee is provided and the opportunity given to meet each other.

10:00 - The teams all meet the instructors who will remain with each team for the day. The instructors take the teams to their first challenge. Throughout the morning the teams work their way through a series of different activities using lateral thinking and problem solving skills. communication is key. Some of these challenges included moving a section of your team blindfolded around markers without using any recognised language and the whole team must stand on a carpet, without any of the team getting off, the carpet must be flipped over.

Points are awarded to each team for successfully completing tasks. Teams can buy hints using points earned.

12:30 - lunch is served in the marquee. Over lunchtime the Raft Shop is open and the teams are required to puchase elements of a raft using the points they earnt in the morning. This also allows the teams to design their raft.

1:30 - The teams get changed.

2:00 - At the sound of the horn the race is on to build your raft, launch it and collect the treasure from around the lake. The teams will have to decide; do they hurry the raft build and risk it falling apart on the lake or do they build a sturdy raft but allow the other teams to get ahead.

5:00 - Prize giving. The winning team received a bottle of champagne each.

5:15 - The teams get changed and depart.


The winning team in this instance rushed the raft and even when they did lose two barrels their quick thinking allowed them to continue untill they were able to recover some replacements from another (sinking) team. An honourable mention goes to the team that kicked the afternoon off by purchasing ALL the paddles from the raft shop and forcing the other teams to barter bits of kit for them, unfortunately their knot tying didn't match up to their craftiness.

Day Two

Day Three

This was a local College who wanted an icebreaker for their first year students. They wanted a relaxed and friendly environment in which the students could bond. This was for 25 students and 2 lecturers.


11:00 - Arrived, quick introduction to the staff

11:10 - The students got changed

11:45 - A safety brief was given and a discussion on how to use each type of equipment

12:00 - Bouyancy aids are fitted and the students pick a type of craft and take it out on the water. They can choose from: Canoes, Kayaks, Tandem Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards and Rowing Boats. They can continually switch around trying out the different types and challenging each other on the water.

2:00 - Lunch time, the students have all brought a packed lunch.

2:30 - using our field the lecturers give the students a run through of the course over the next term and the projects they will be given.

3:15 - Buses pick them up and take them back to college